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There are myriad benefits to having a strong narrative.
A compelling story:

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Narratives and Message Houses

A core narrative serves as the touchstone that describes your strategy to the world. It also serves as the unifying principle that motivates your employees and keeps them true to the mission. We help you create the stories and message architecture that resonates internally and externally.

Thought Leadership Platforms


We write speeches, conference keynote addresses, and investor presentations that bring your ideas to life and move your audiences to act. We won’t make you sound like Churchill, Reagan, or Obama — because you’re not. Rather, we’ll capture your voice and make you sound like the best version of yourself.

Our neuroscience-based process is designed to create speeches that grab the audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and end with a strong Call to Action.


Our group training programs are designed to build the communications skills of your executives and employees. Our workshops include:

  • Presentation coaching
  • Media training
  • Storytelling
  • Creating a thought leadership platform
  • The New Language of Leadership, our comprehensive program that teaches high-potential executives how to speak, write, and exhibit the presence of a leader.

Media Training

Dean Foust understands the media better than many coaches because he was part of the media for more than 25 years. He also made more than 100 radio and TV appearances on CNN, CNN International, CNBC’s Squawk Box, BBC radio and TV, and Fox News.

We will coach you on how to:

  • Prep for a media interview
  • Establish ground rules for questions
  • Project the right body language
  • Avoid “gotcha” traps and hostile questions
  • And how to use bridging and flagging to ensure your message is heard.

Speaker Coaching

Research shows that a speaker’s body language affects how an audience receives their message. To put it simply, a great speech will land like a dud without great delivery. We provide the individual and group training to help your executives and employees raise their game on stage and on Zoom. 

We help you:

  • Prepare and rehearse your presentation
  • Use the right body language to sell your message
  • Gain confidence using teleprompters, microphones, and confidence monitors
  • Keep your audience engaged to the end

Executive Social Media

Once upon a time, the only way to get your story told was to buy an ad or convince the media to write about you. The Internet makes everyone a publisher — and executive social media helps humanize your leadership and organization. We provide the playbook that enables every leader to succeed on social media.

Conference Keynotes

Conferences are a different beast, one that requires an experienced hand to ensure your keynote or panel discussion is a success. We’ve supported C-Suite executives at the world’s biggest stages including the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Fortune Global Forum, Mobile World Congress, and the Consumer Electronics Show.

Op-Eds & Articles

A well-written Op-Ed or expert article gives you the opportunity to influence policy, raise public awareness of issues, and to tell your side of the story. We’ve ghostwritten op-eds for clients that appeared in the Financial Times, Forbes, the World Economic Forum’s Agenda blog, CNBC.com, BusinessWeek, The New York Post, and EurActiv.

New CEO 100-Day Plans

The first 100 days in a new role are critically important — setting up an executive for success or failure. We help you create a 100-day communications plan that builds support for your agenda among employees, customers, policymakers, investors, and other external stakeholders.

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