Communications Workshops

As companies have gone digital and global, the pace of change in business is spinning faster than ever. Innovations in AI, Big Data, robotics, and remote work have the potential to usher in higher levels of productivity, profitability, and prosperity.

Yet many companies struggle to reap the full benefits of these new opportunities. Why?

Poor communications.

In a recent survey, 96% of business leaders agree that “effective communication is essential for delivering the business results expected of my team in the coming year.” But in the same survey, 90% of knowledge workers and 96% of business leaders agreed that poor communication negatively impacts their team or company growth.

By one estimate, poor communication cost companies $1.2 trillion every year in higher costs and lower productivity, morale, and growth.

It doesn’t have to be so. Organizations can build a strong communications culture. Companies with high communications effectiveness experienced a 57% higher total shareholder return over 5 years versus companies with low effectiveness.


The New Language of Leadership

We help businesses, non-profits, and the executives who lead them, become effective and inspiring communicators through our one-on-one and workshop training.

Our proprietary curriculum, titled The New Language of Leadership, combines the latest research from neuroscience and psychology with classic rhetoric to help leaders achieve their business goals through better communications.

Who would benefit

⦁ C-Suite executives who want to use communications as a competitive advantage
⦁ High-potential executives and managers who are on the fast track to greater responsibility
⦁ Division, department, and team managers who want to become more effective leaders
⦁ Entrepreneurs who want the skills to boost awareness, raise capital, attract business partners and customers, and inspire their employees

Our curriculum

We offer one-on-one and small group coaching for executives and senior managers that embody the principles of The New Language of Leadership, our neuroscience-based curriculum that is taught with a mix of lectures, class discussions, quizzes, and interactive exercises.

We also offer one- and two-day workshops — in person and online — tailored to the unique needs of any organization and its executives. We work with you to create a custom program that supports your business goals. We structure the training so workshop participants can apply it to projects they’re working on — an upcoming presentation, TV appearance, or their LinkedIn profile.

We work with clients to create custom training programs that include any of the following modules:

 Strategic communications

⦁ Selling your vision to employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders
⦁ Communicating through a crisis
⦁ Gaining buy-in for a corporate transformation
⦁ Rallying employees behind a shared purpose

Executive presence

⦁ Cultivating relationships
⦁ Honing your nonverbal and emotional communication skills
⦁ Applying the neuroscience of persuasion
⦁ Using humor successfully

Public speaking — on stage and virtually, individually and in team presentations

⦁ Developing a strong stage presence (in-person & on video)
⦁ Leading and participating in panel discussions
⦁ Building presence with your body language and voice
⦁ Overcoming performance anxiety & stage fright

Leading better meetings — in person & virtually

⦁ Setting the right tone
⦁ Stimulating innovation
⦁ Closing strong

Communicating with employees

⦁ Managing virtual teams
⦁ Leading Town Halls
⦁ Having Crucial Conversations
⦁ Answering difficult questions

Crafting an authentic persona

⦁ Becoming an authentic leader
⦁ Building trust and displaying empathy
⦁ Developing a compelling personal story

Presenting to the C-Suite & Boards

⦁ Delivering presentations that persuade tough audiences
⦁ Overcoming objections

Effective writing

⦁ Creating speeches that lead audiences to action
⦁ Creating visual presentations that sell your ideas
⦁ Crafting emails & memos that are clear and convincing


⦁ Amplifying purpose through storytelling
⦁ Leveraging the power of metaphor

Media coaching

⦁ Staying on message during media interviews and press conferences
⦁ Bridging, Hooking and Flagging
⦁ The secrets to successful TV interviews

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

⦁ Create a LinkedIn profile that stands out
⦁ Position yourself as a thought leader through engaging content
⦁ Create engaging content that delivers a strong and measurable ROI
⦁ Align your social brand with your company’s brand